lokahi043Mālama Pono Health Services (MPHS) offers support to those living with HIV/AIDS and their immediate family members find housing.  MPHS does not own any housing, nor does MPHS screen or make decisions on housing applications or subsidies.  MPHS staff can offer the following-

  • Assistance in searching for open market housing
  • Referrals to other programs that offer subsidized housing or assistance programs
  • Assistance in completing applications for housing
  • Advocacy with landlords when housing struggles arise
  • Referrals to credit repair agencies
  • Referrals to renter and home buyer programs

Housing on Kaua’i is expensive and there are waiting lists for all housing assistance programs.  People looking to move to Kaua’i should complete a budgeting process that includes a realistic allocation of resources for rent and utilities and clarity on how they will pay for it.

For more information, call 808.246-9577.