Making contact with as many people as possible is the key to fundraising. If you let them know you have committed to Paradise Ride Kauai 2015, chances are that your friends and family will be more than happy to help and be part of your fundraising campaign. But your fundraising can be even more successful if you go beyond your inner circle.

Here we have gathered together a general grab-bag of approaches to help you towards success in your fundraising efforts.

The Basics

  • Start Now: Start early and develop your fundraising goal.
  • Develop A Plan: Have a PLAN for fundraising and start implementing your plan.
  • Ask, Ask and Ask again: Remember that people are more apt to give when they are asked directly, and rarely give when they are not.
  • Be Enthusiastic: Your own enthusiasm is needed to promote the Ride and the Cause.
  • Give Your Donors Options: Present the possibility for donors to give $20, $50, $75, $100 or more. Many people will happily support you with a gift of $20 or more. Smaller donations can add up quickly. You can also remind donors of where their dollar goes and what it can do. For example, challenge people to fund an HIV or Hepatitis B or C screening with their donation of $20.
  • Contact Local Businesses: Local businesses love to support local people. Go to local businesses that you frequent such as your favorite coffee shop, grocery, hardware store, book store, theatre, bank, dry cleaner, boutique, restaurant, hairdresser, manicurist, financial planner, doctor, florist and local radio stations and tell them about what you are doing. Mention the web site ( and let them know that they can go there and quickly and easily donate in your name securely online.
  • Thank Donors: Always follow up with a thank you after the event with a personal note, postcard and/or photo of you on the Ride. Describe your success at the Ride and how they contributed to that success.

The Plans

  • GET THE WORD OUT (A Must-Do For Everyone): Make a list of everyone you know, including those you don’t know all that well. Start with your co-workers, friends, family, social contacts, business contacts, etc., and don’t forget the people who have asked you for money! Don’t be shy about including people you have not seen or had contact with in a while. Use one or all of the following methods to reach people:
    1. Use your Fundraising Page on and Link to Social Media- Each registered rider has a personal fundraising page. Write your heartfelt commitment there. The basis of the page’s message should be your story in short, simple and personal terms. It is about you and the Ride, what you’re doing, why you’re riding, the amount of money you’re trying to raise. Include photos of you with your bike. Post photos and videos, thank you notes and requests using the page and link those actions to Facebook, Myspace, Linked In or other social media site.
    2. Use Email. Tell everyone you know about your Ride and that you are raising funds to help your community. Include a link to your fundraising web page in your email message. Tell them of your fundraising goal and why you are participating.
    3. A letter writing campaign is a low pressure approach and a great start to fundraising. You reach a lot of people this way, and you give them time to consider what you are doing, how hard it is, and how much it means to you. Be sure to follow up with a telephone call or email to remind them of your fundraising goal and your need for their help. The basis of the letter should be your story in short, simple and personal terms. It is about you and the Ride, what you’re doing, why you’re riding, the amount of money you’re trying to raise. Include photos of you with your bike.
    4. Print inexpensive “business” cards with a link to your fundraising web page. Pass these out to your friends, family, people you do business with, etc.
    5. Delegate: Give 10 of your friends 10 donation forms each and ask them to help raise money for you.
  • HOLD A SILENT AUCTION: Silent auctions can be done on-line, at your house, or in a break room at work. Auction off a donated service or product. The service offered could be as simple as walking a dog for 20 minutes, bringing coffee to someone for a week, being someone’s personal assistant for a day or a few hours. Local businesses are a great source for donations of products and services. Print out a flyer with a great photo that says that this business contributed to your 110-mile ride.
  • HOST A FUNDRAISING PARTY OR EVENT: Host a friendly poker game, neighborhood block party, a wine tasting party, car wash, movie night or sports game night. You provide the service and snacks and your guests can contribute to your ride.
  • USED BOOK SALE: Who doesn’t want a bargain? Everyone has books that have been sitting on shelves or in boxes collecting dust. Ask your friends, family and neighbors to donate whatever they’ve got and set up a little weekend book sale in your front yard. Wear your Ride t-shirt and put up some signs so people will know where the money is going.
  • SELL ADVERTISING SPACE: Offer to advertise a business or businesses on your bike (on a bike bag or flag) or on a jersey or T-shirt in exchange for a donation.
  • GARAGE SALE: Time to get rid of all of those miscellaneous items in the garage and attic. Ask your friends to do the same. Put it in your front yard and sell, sell, sell! Put all the money raised toward your fundraising goal!
  • USE EASY GIVE-AWAYS: To encourage donations, include in your emails, letters and pledge campaigns, something of value. It could include a few of your favorite recipes, discount coupons from your favorite store, some funny (but tasteful) jokes, helpful household tips (Ex: washing a new pair of blue jeans in vinegar lessens fading), etc.
  • MAKE A GIFT WISH: Let your family and friends know that you have a gift wish for your next birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, etc., and that you would like to have a gift of a donation for your Ride in lieu of a traditional present.
  • ORGANIZE A TEAM: Place posters and sign up papers containing all your contact information in the most popular gathering places (cafeteria, lunchroom, reception area, gym). Set up a ride registration table. Put an article in your company newsletter and include team pictures – or if starting a new team – list the special awards and activities for teams to inspire friendly competition.
    1. Hold a team garage sale. All garage sale donations go to your team goal!
    2. Create your own team challenge within your team with prizes for the highest pledge.
    3. If your team is an employee-based team, ask for matching contributions from your employer.

Creative Ways to Fundraise

Voicemail Promo: Put a promo message on your voicemail outgoing message and let your callers know that you need their support.

Return Address Labels: Put return address labels on your outgoing mail and let folks know that you are participating in this important fundraising endeavor. Add a message such as “I’m participating in Paradise Ride Kauai 2014 to raise needed funds for HIV and communicable disease awareness. Will you sponsor me? Include a donation form and perhaps a pre-addressed envelope to make it really easy for recipients.

Facebook: Paradise Ride Kauai is on Facebook. Become our friend. You can also fundraise on your Facebook page from your fundraising page.

Twitter: Once you have your fundraising link, include it in a Twitter message.

Host a Theme Party/Dinner: Hold a theme party for 10 or more of your friends with a donation of $50 or more. Spend no more than $20 per person on the food and you will have raised $300 (or more!).

Email Signature: Once you have your fundraising link, create an email signature so that recipients can simply click and donate.

Radio Stations: If you are aware of a local call-in program, give them a call and ask them to mention your participation in Paradise Ride Kauai 2014. Ask them to cite the web site in their announcement for details.

Dress Down Day: Ask your company (or the group you work in) to allow an official Paradise Ride Kauai support “dress down day” and have your fellow employees contribute ($10, $20 or more) to the ride.

Church Bulletin: Find out if it is possible to get a note of your charitable participation in your church bulletin. If possible, let folks know that they can contact you directly and/or find out how to donate at the Paradise Ride Kauai 2014 web site.

Company Grants: Find out if your company offers grants to employees who volunteer their time for charitable causes. If they do, find out how the program works and submit your grant proposal.

Temporary Promotional Tattoos: Find out how to make temporary tattoos. Swap a tattoo for a donation.

Alumni Organizations: Contact your college or university and ask them to place an ad in the alumni newsletters with your donation link.

Wine and Cheese Party: Do you have a favorite restaurant whose staff recognizes your continuing patronage? Ask them to host a wine and cheese party and donate the wine and cheese.

Bicycle Companies: Contact the company that makes your bicycle and tell them what you are training for. Ask them if they would help sponsor you in return for wearing some of their promotional gear.

Got Other Approaches

That Have Worked for You?

We’d like to hear about them and include them in this list. Send an email to share your successful approaches.