Setting the Strategy

With the change of executive leadership in 2014 and the large-scale changes anticipated with the affordable care act, Mālama Pono Health Services (MPHS) Board of Directors and Executive Director participated in a strategic thinking session to create a blueprint for high performance and accountability.

The MPHS 2015-16 Strategy Direction consists of 4 priorities:  1.  New Facility.  2.  Align governance structure to further the Malama Pono Health Services Mission.  3.  Build and support staff to develop and maintain agency goals, fundraising, and our mission.  4.  Identify a realistic expansion of the menu of services to target.  These priorities include a clear direction for action that is used in reviewing the continual stream of opportunities and challenges that that present themselves considering potential cuts in federal and state funding, changes due the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care), and changes presented as disease issues change.  These priorities are not intended to be static and MPHS Board and Staff commit to reviewing the strategic priorities regularly to ensure a thoughtful approach to implementation that helps achieve its mission.